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Experience Thai massage as it should be with competent staff who know what we do and with many years of experience in the industry. Maybe you or someone you know needs help treating pain or why not cure stress with the help of oil massage. Whatever you decide on? So we can guarantee that it will be a much appreciated gift.

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  • boy-toddler-relaxes-from-therapeutic-massage-physiotherapist-working-with-patient-clinic-back-child7-less-1024x683-1.jpg

    Thai massage for children with essentail oils | Gift Card

    during Thai with oil massage for children, we use traditional massage technique and essential oil massage, while optimally adjusting its insensitivity to the age of the massaged child. Thai massage for children helps to: destress a young child’s body, relax child’s muscles, maintain proper concentration levels, enhance flexibility and physical fitness of the organism.


    1h – 160zł | 1,5h – 200zł | 2h – 260zł
    160,00 250,00 
  • happy-young-beautiful-couple-enjoying-head-massage-spa_183219-10.jpg

    Relax massage for couple | Gift Card

    Experience unforgettable moments of relaxation in the company of your loved ones. It can be the perfect way to go on a date or spend time in a relaxed atmosphere with a parent or friend. As a result, the massage will increase the effectiveness of the immune and nervous systems. Visit us in our salon at Grzybowska street!


    1h – 380zł | 1,5h – 500zł | 2h – 620zł
    380,00 620,00 
  • mature-couple-having-massage-spa_256588-740.jpg

    Classical thai massage for couple | Gift Card

    It is the perfect way to spend time together. The masseuse uses her hands, elbows and feet to relax the body. The result of the massage will be to relieve muscle tension, improve the work of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, alleviate headaches and migraine pains. Allow yourself and your loved ones to spend time effectively and bringing many positive effects (in the spiritual and body dimension) during a classic Thai massage.


    1h – 300zł | 1,5h – 400zł | 2h – 500zł
    300,00 500,00 
  • therapist-hands-massaging-belly-pregnant-woman-treat-relax-program-spa-therapy-loss-1024x646-1.jpg

    Massage for women In pregnancy | Gift Card

    If you are after the first trimester of pregnancy, we invite you to a massage that will help you relax the tense muscles of your back, legs and buttocks. The treatment will help to get rid of the feeling of heavy legs, make your skin more elastic and let your psyche relax.


    1h – 200zł | 1,5h – 260zł | 2h – 320zł
    200,00 320,00 
  • facial-procedure-attractive-nice-woman-lying-with-her-eyes-closed-while-enjoying-facial-massage_259150-27184.jpg

    Lymphatic facial massage | Gift Card

    Helps reduce swelling of the face The main cause is the blood flow and the lymph nodes are congested. inconvenient blood flow This causes the face to be swollen and dull.Helps the skin tissues come back to be strong. Lymphatic massage will help the skin to remove waste products. and accelerate the creation of new skin cells better Wrinkles will occur more slowly.


    30min – 90zł
  • coffe.jpg

    Body scrub | Gift Card

    Thoroughly performed exfoliation prepares the skin to more fully absorb the nutrients in the oils used by us, which favourably affects the condition of the skin and helps, among other things, to eliminate cellulite. Our technique also prevents ingrown of hairs after depilation. Take advantage of recommended forms of regenerating the body.


    1h – 220zł | 1,5h – 310zł | 2h – 390zł
    220,00 390,00 
  • young-woman-having-massage-with-herbal-bags-spa-salon_35534-328.jpg

    Hot herbal stamps | Gift Card

    If you suffer from inflammation of the body, we encourage you to take advantage of the power of Thai herbal stamps massage, This massage is helpful in liquidation of severe pain, especially back pain, as well as in states of exhaustion. It will reduce stress and help you to relax and rest


    1h – 220zł | 1,5h – 280zł | 2h – 340zł

    220,00 340,00 
  • hotstone-2.jpg

    Hot stone | Gift Card

    massage with warm stones effectively relaxes the muscles, accelerates metabolism and has a rejuvenating effect. The unique atmosphere of the place, complemented by climatic music enables a full relaxation of the body

    1h – 220zł | 1,5h – 280zł | 2h – 340zł

    220,00 340,00 
  • jug-coconut-oil-whit-coconut-put-dark-background_1150-28248.jpg

    Hot coconut oil | Gift Card

    Is an excellent way to strengthen the immunity with simultaneous control of blood flow in the body. This massage specifically rejuvenates the body, nurturing it.
    It helps to maintain proper hydration of the skin, firms it and deeply regenerates. The aroma released during a massage makes your visit even more enjoyable


    1h – 220zł |1,5h – 280zł | 2h – 340zł

    220,00 340,00 
  • woman-having-abdomen-massage-by-professional-osteopathy-therapist_1139-1123.jpg

    Lymphatic Drainage | Gift Card

    This treatment is designed to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, a fluid filled network, which circulates fats, proteins and immune cells and removes bacteria, viruses and cholesterol. Combined with exercise, this treatment can lead to a reduction in water retention, and in some cases, cellulite with special oil.

    1h – 220zł | 1,5h – 280zł | 2h – 340zł
    220,00 340,00 
  • massage-woman-s-foot-spa-salon-beauty-treatment-concept-less-1024x768-1.jpg

    Foot reflexology | Gift Card

    Originating this foot reflexology massage applies pressure to nerve endings in the feet that relates to all different organs of the body. Far more than just a foot massage, this holistic healing technique helps restore balance and harmony to your body while aiding sleep and water retention. This therapeutic treatment also involves some calming lower leg and head massage.

    30min – 90zł |1h – 160zł | 1,5h – 210zł | 2h – 260zł
    90,00 260,00 
  • masseur-giving-indonesian-asian-woman-aroma-therapy-massage

    HBS Stress Release | Gift Card

    Concentrating only on the Head, Back and Shoulders, this anti stress massage will leave you feeling calm, revitalised and tension free. Also available as a 30 min massage in conjunction with another treatment.


    30min – 90zł | 1h – 160zł | 1,5h – 210zł | 2h – 260zł

    90,00 260,00 
  • Traditional Thai | Gift Card

    A wonderful treatment passed down from ancient generations, Thai massage involves the application of pressure and a gentle stretching of the muscles, also using pressure to stimulate the energy meridians of the body. This massage is performed on Traditional Thai mattresses without oil and pays special attention to the back and legs.


    1h – 160zł | 1,5h – 210zł | 2h – 260zł

    160,00 260,00 
  • girl-relaxes-spa-salon-with-hand-massage

    Oriental /Thai with oil | Gift Card

    Wonderful for relieving aches, pains and strains, this massage is a combination of Eastern and Western techniques that is highly recommended for those who prefer a strong massage.


    1h – 200zł | 1,5h – 260zł | 2h – 320zł

    200,00 320,00 
  • medical-massage-leg

    DeepTissue / Sport | Gift Card

    Using different techniques that allow deeper penetration into and around muscle areas, sport massage is ideal after a days leisure activities. Please let our receptionists know if you need attention to any particular area and they will individualise this massage for you to ensure complete satisfaction.


    1h – 200zł | 1,5h – 260zł | 2h – 320zł

    200,00 320,00 
  • chinese-asian-woman-wellness-beauty-spa-having-aroma-therapy-massage-with-essential-oil-looking-relaxed

    Aromatherapy oil massage | Gift Card

    For complete relaxation, it is hard to beat the smooth stroking hand techniques used in a professional . Using your choice of aromatherapy oils, this massage covers all of the body and pressure can be applied to suit everybodies needs.


    1h – 200zł | 1,5h – 260zł | 2h – 320zł

    200,00 320,00 

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